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Infocrossing has always focused its attention on providing its customers with service and operational excellence by taking a proactive approach to responding to their ongoing systems needs and overall infrastructure requirements and goals.

Infocrossing designed (i)Tracker, a feature-rich, easy to use, interactive Customer Information Web-based Portal, for its customers. (i)Tracker gives the Infocrossing customer enhanced visibility and control of their system and network environments by enabling them to access and view detailed information and in-depth analysis online and in real time.


Examples of the types of information and reports that Infocrossing’s customers can access through (i)Tracker include:

  • Problem Management Reports
  • Service Level Agreement Reports
  • Change Management Reports
  • System Availability Reports
  • Customer Queries for Dynamic Reporting
  • Problem Ticket Status and History
  • Customer Specific Alerts
  • Industry Analyst Reports



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